The Why Behind Micro-Credentialing

Have you ever been “sent” to a training and while you sat there listening to the presenter, you wondered to yourself Why. Am. I. Here?  Many of us in the education world are passionate about learning.  It is most likely at the root of why you entered the field in the first place.  Yes, of course we became teachers to make a difference in young people’s lives but also, because continuing to learn new things yourself is exciting to you.  It drives you. It is a goal that you have for yourself to continue to deepen your understanding of the world around you both in and outside of education.

So back to “Why am I here?”  Unfortunately, this question arises for too many educators.  Instead, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be asking ourselves, “How can I get more of these meaningful learning experiences?”  If you are interested in having professional development that is based on your interests, your needs and YOUR timeline, then our Micro-Credentialing program may be just the right fit!  This method of receiving PD gives educators the opportunity to personalize their learning experiences to fit their individual growth areas.

Micro-credentials builds a culture of learning and provides an invaluable opportunity for educators to receive recognition for their work.  The benefits of micro-credentialing include the ability of educators to have maximum flexibility, as they pursue part of the training virtually, on their own time.  Educators can personalize their learning experience to fit their individual growth needs. School districts can use micro-credentialing to incentivize teachers’ to deepen knowledge in areas that student achievement data indicate need growth.  

The PL Micro-Credentialing program invites you to receive badges signifying mastery of the four PL cornerstones, Whole Child, Student Ownership, Mastery Learning and Paces, Playlists & Pathways.  To learn more about how to get started with PL Micro-Credentialing click here.