What is a Makerspace and why have one?

A Makerspace is a community/school-driven workspace, where people with common interests, meet and collaborate on ‘Do it Yourself’ (DYI) projects. In a school they are student-led explorations.  Below are three reasons to have one in your school:

1. Authentic Learning: DIY projects are real world and authentic. In Makerspaces, students can solve real-world problems with innovative solutions. Some Makerspace innovative ideas that have been successful and you probably have heard of or even used are: SquareMakerbot and Pebble Watch.

2. 21st Century Skills: Makerspaces allow students to critically think, create, collaborate and communicate. The student’s are able to work together to learn new skills, share expertise while developing their thinking and discovering new solutions. It allows students to have choice and voice.

3. STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math = STEM. By adding in Art Design and you get STEAM. Makerspaces allow all subjects to seamless work together. Art Design is the visual standpoint and can range from the art of coding a website to the esthetic of a project.

What does it look like in CMS?

Makerspaces in CMS look very different. Check out some of these schools

Piedmont IB

What do you need to start a Makerspace?

The only thing you need is space/room and some supplies to get started. Many schools use the media center/learning hub as their spaces. For supplies ask your local businesses if they have old computers/machines etc to donate to the school. It is also great to have a large whiteboard space for brainstorming and mapping out ideas.

Examples of Supplies: Computers, MaKey Makey, Rasberry Pi, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, 3D Printers, Legos, Snap Circuits


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