Paces, Playlists and Pathways

In this video, you will see a Kindergarten student describe how she uses her reading playlist in her class.

In this video, you will see students at Grand Oak working on their own playlists based on assessment data. Students are using BlendSpace as the playlist tool, and selecting specific playlists based on partially mastered objectives. You will see students working on their playlists with their assessment data, working on objective exit tickets, or working in small group with the teacher.

In this video, you will see students at Kennedy Middle School working on their own pathway based on assessment data. You will also see students working in a small group with the teacher on skills they have not shown mastery for yet.

In this video, you will listen to how one Middle School Health and PE teacher uses a blended learning station rotation model with pathways in his classes.

In this video a high school student describes what a playlist is and how he uses it in his classroom.

In this video, you will hear how PL has changed this HS teachers instruction. She is teaching small group mini-lessons based on data. She is incorporating choice through Project and Problem Based Learning (PBL’s).

In this weeks CLN episode, David and Aubrey review different options for creating playlist to all students to review content at their own pace. (Educannon, Pathways and Blendspace)